What is OOG?

OOG (OUT OF GAUGE)is short for out of gauge container or out of standards containers; OOG containers could be divided into Open Top Container and Flat Rack Container, and Flat Rack Container is shorted as FR.Open Top Container is used to carry heavy and/or bulky finished products, which handling and loading can only be performed with a crane or a rolling bridge. And Flat Rack Container is dedicated for the carriage of heavy, bulky as well as over height and/ or over width items.To those items that are over length, over width, over height and over weight, break bulk (2 OR MORE FLAT RACKS as bed = BREAK BULK, that is BB CARGO)is the suitable way for delivery.

What items are suitable to be transported in OOG?

Construction machinery,precise instruments,oil equipment, harbor machinery, power generation equipment,yacht,large steel,glass work and kinds of vehicles etc.,all these items could not be handled by manual workforce, are suitable to be loaded in OOG containers in way of liner ship, to save cost and shorten voyage.

The factors affecting rate of OOG special container

Rate of OOG special container differs a lot from the general container, and its calculation is based on the following factors, the rate of general container, size of items, weight, space situation, container resource, the loading-bearing capacity of wharf crane, the vessel (whether the vessel is carrier’s mother vessel) and the route, etc. The integrated factors finally determine the rate of OOG container. So when there is a inquiry, we need to be provided the basic information like loading port, destination port, container type and quantity, size weight and photo of the cargo.